Fondations, qu’attendre d’un jeune nouvel administrateur?

What value does a young [very green] first- time-ever board member have to us?

Wouldn’t we do better with a board filled solely with seasoned, well connected, high placed mid-career to end-of-career people?

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Laura Stokes-Gray • Not at all! One of my best mentors said, « you get some of the best ideas from the least expected people. » The problem with a board full of « seasoned, well connected, high placed mid-career to end-of-career people » is that many of them think alike – and that means they’re in a rut. A green first-time board member is likely to look at issues with a fresh eye – unfettered, if you will. Good boards are diverse – in age, race/ethnicity and gender – and those with loads of nonprofit board experience – and those just starting out. You can easily educate a young board member – so much is now available from BoardSource to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. If the new person is committed, passionate, joining for the right reasons (not just to add a line to their CV) and willing to learn, I say – bring them on!

Steffanie Brown • It depends on the purpose of the board. If the purpose of the board is to collect a group of individuals of very high net worth who are « under contract » to give a certain substantial amount to the organization per year, then a younger, greener board member wouldn’t be appreciated. But if the purpose of the board is more than just financial, a younger, greener board member can bring in fresh ideas and perspectives.

Nichole Spates • The power to shake things up, an outsider’s perspective and the ear of the millennial generation.

Dian Harrison • Good to have young people with new and fresh ideas….they can learn the rest of being a board member as they serve. How else are they going to learn. Nonprofits need to start training them now so that there will be a pool of young professionals to move into leadership roles on your organizations board. My son is 35 and started board service at 25 years old and now there are manyl organizations that want him! Had to teach him how to say no…..not at this time!

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