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The IFFRES, Institut Français des Fondations de Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (French Institute of Foundations for Research and Higher Education) is an end to end french endowment fund (nfpo), which aims to encourage private sponsorship of Research and Higher Education. It also aims to create new types of partnerships and cooperation between research and higher education and corporations. A major objective is to contribute to the development of foundations for Research and Higher Education in France.

The objectives of the activities carried out or supported by the IFFRES are to:

1. inform the foundation’s executives about best practice and to professionalize the functioning of the foundation,

2 train the foundation‘s executives and employees in research fund

development techniques ,

3. promote philanthropic culture in support of Research and Higher Education,

4. support corporations in their approach to sponsorship Research and

Higher Education,

5. encourage French foundations to adopt a global approach and to enhance their reputation,

6. raise money to finance large-scale research projects in France and Europe in

order to attract the best researchers and teachers,

7. share the experience and the knowledge of French and international foundations and to establish collaborations between them, and

8. bring together foundations, researchers and corporations to undertake joint research projects and respond to invitations to participate in European or other international projects,.

The endowment fund offers:

1. organisation of national and international seminars, meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops etc in sectors related to the purpose of the endowment fund;

2. awarding of prizes, notably prizes for Research and Higher Education foundations and Innovative Sponsorship; and

3. dissemination of information through a wide variety of media: publication, television and radio, internet based solutions etc.

First actions of the IFFRES 2009/2010

  • To structure a professional training on management of foundations To organise a cycle of conferences

  • To develop and distribute a directory of foundations for research and higher education

  • To launch a dedicated event/ conference-meeting place between the different public-private players

  • To introduce a diploma curriculum “Management of foundations and publicprivate partnerships”

  • To launch a “seed-capital fund”

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