The IFFRES’ governance comprises the following committees:

The Board of Directors

The Scientific Council

The Founders Assembly

The endowment fund is run by a composed of up to twelve members of which:

  1. From one to six as a college of founders;

  1. From one to two as ex officio members;

  1. From one to four as a college of qualified personalities

The college of founders’ members are chosen by the founders assembly in the conditions, that will be specified in the rules of procedure.

The ex officio members are co-opted by the endowment fund’s initiators, who contributed to the initial capital.

The college of qualified personalities includes people, who are chosen for their skills in the activity segment of the endowment fund. They are appointed by the other members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors constituted at the starting (July 09) is composed of:

Max Anghilante (founder of the IFFRES)

Claude Carrière (Special assistant for corporate partnerships to the

CPU, former Pdt of the CURIE network)

Jean Derégnaucourt (CEO of Medicen, former Research Strategy

Consultant to the President of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories)

Jean-Louis Lacombe (Former VP of EADS, creator and executive of

several scientific foundations)

Closely linked to the Board of Directors, the scientific council is an advisory board on research and education matters.

The scientific council is composed of 6 to 9 members of French or foreign nationalities, who are chosen for their skills, their reputation in the fields of research and higher education. They are appointed by the board of directors and are independent from the founders.

The founders assembly includes:

Corporate bodies and individuals, who have contributed to the endowment fund;

Individuals and corporate bodies who subscribed to a payment liability equal to or above 2,000 Euro.

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